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Dr. Glenn Reit General Practitioner


Dr. Reit is an experienced, competent professional. He has done two crowns for me in the last year. .....They were done on time and for a lot less money than my wife’s dentist (she was amazed)..... Most important,THEY FIT PERFECTLY! .....Dr. Reit always does follow up calls to check that things are OK, just in case...I never heard of that before..... He is a truly caring gentleman and a superb dentist. ....His staff is congenial, polite and professional...
Colter R.      5/11/2009      New York, NY

December 28th, 2008, 8:30 pm, I am sitting in a restaurant and biting into an olive. Crunch… (that doesn’t sound good!) and my worst nightmare is realized. The crown on my front tooth has snapped off and I am suddenly part of the Clampat family. Horrified and shocked, I call my dentist on the off-chance that his answering service will pick up. To my delight and surprise, Dr. Reit picks up the phone. He has been working late on a number of year-end, last minute patients and he takes me off the ledge. He shuffles around his schedule and tells me to come in first thing the next day. I arrive promptly at 8AM and he is waiting for me. With all the grace and precision of a highly qualified technician, he takes an impression, fits me with a temporary crown that looks far superior to the permanent one I had lost and sends me on my way. 3 weeks later I return and have my temporary replaced with my new permanent and it looks so good I consider (for a moment) having him redo my whole mouth. Dr Reit is a true professional. He is savvy, courteous, affable, financially fare and expertly proficient in the art and science of dentistry. I would recommend him to anyone and am happy to say I have been back to him over 3 times this year and he is always top notch. He has spent the last 6 months updating his office so that it is of the highest technical and hygienic standards and it has been my pleasure to witness this dedication to his practice and to his clients.
Sean M.      4/6/2009      New York, NY

Dr. Reit is the best! Before I started seeing him, my teeth were a mess. Now I look like a movie star. Not only that, but Dr. Reit is always very caring and attentive. He always follows up with a personal phone call the evening after an appointment, no matter how minor the visit was. His staff, are always friendly, courteous, and relaxed. A sure sign that Dr. Reit is popular and supportive to those who work with him. These are great qualities in anyone in the professional service industry. I have talked to many other patients of his in the waiting room and they also have nothing but positive reactions to his skill, experience and bedside manner. In my long and eventful experiences with numerous dentists in both the US and England… I would have to rate Dr. Glenn Reit in the top five percentile range, and that is definitely saying something. If you need a dentist, see him today!
Jeremy B.      3/31/2009      New York, NY

I began seeing Dr. Reit when he first opened his practice in NYC a little over a year ago. I had terrible crowns installed on my front two teeth by a dentist in my area which were mismatched in color and grand in size. Dr. Reit helped fix the problem with my gums that these crowns created and over the last year he has worked with me to replace these crowns. We finally finished the treatment this past weekend and I am very satisfied with the result. I have watched the office transform into a beautiful masterpiece over the last year. When I first started going there he has began work on the space and it was dated and old looking. He recently finished his renovations and the office is warm and welcoming. I would recommend him to any of my friends or family.
Paul H.      2/21/2009      New York, NY

My entire family has been seeing Dr. Reit since he took over the practice from the previous dentist. We are extremely happy with the way he has treated us, both professionally and personally. We’ve had emergencies and he accommodated us immediately. For example my crown cracked at work and although Dr. Reit was completely booked, his staff was very sympathetic and squeezed me in. The work he did was amazing. I haven’t had a problem since. My husband has numerous dental problems and he has been treated extremely well by Dr. Reit and his staff – and he is very satisfied with the work Dr. Reit has done. I have recommended Dr. Reit to my co-workers and they, too, have been pleased with his work and have thanked me for the recommendation.
Gail V.      2/21/2009      New York, NY

The Dental office is located at 1498 Third Avenue in New York City. Dr.Glenn Reit can be contacted by calling 212-517-9000 for an appointment. Meet with Dr. Reit and his wonderful staff, and create your best smile today


To schedule an appointment with our office, please call (212) 517–9000


Dr. Reit’s office is conveniently located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan at 1498 Third Avenue between 84th and 85th street on the west side of the street; just steps from the 4,5 and 6 Subway lines at the 86th street station.